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ShenZhen Heng Fa Daily Textile fabric CO.,LTD was founded in 1980,effort of for transit decade several years indefatigability , cash afterwards became shenzhen City syntheses strength strong,manage scale large Daily Textile fabric CO.,LTD. Its headquarter is located in BU XIN industrial estate of Shenzhen that is titled as world garden city, where the transport facilities are favorable and information is updated quickly . From the beginning , Heng Fa people have been challenging themselves to improve the living quality by spreading a new life concept. Focusing on noble , elegant , romantic and comfortable atmosphere, Heng Fa gives full expression of this new life concept. With Heng Fa, you benefit from our emphasis on both quality and culture that is translated into diversified bedclothes tailored specifically for your comfort, taste and personality.

The modernization factory building of the heng fa own occupy terra myriad much plane meter,both bore advanced produce supervise mode and rigid quality supervise system,the DESign personnel of the has passel excellent professional exploitation , the battalion pin procession of the bore high diathesis,own advanced computer network,the client resource of the slather,both own complete new battalion pin reason said and battalion pin earth up example , one of yes national within bedding vocation suffer famous degree upmost quality brand.   

The bump and ameliorate up of the in company with life diathesis , folk versus sleep engineering oblige too went over came went over high to,the taste、metal oblige no sever exaltation either to of the versus bedding , messrs . Heng Fa company as per marketable demand,length temporal market mix ground and look into and hatch,the bedding of the without intermission exploitation out on top tidal current . conform to modernization life,possess softness、lit beautiful of hue,withal reis principle for design foundation,from among the works of god extract create fodder,try product gentle perfection、white liner hidden flower,the life suffer of the completeness in a position to be in harmony into modern times urbanite sensibility,emit in the chips character fascination from.

"MENG DA LI" the vogue quality brand of the one home reside life.the market battalion pin of the ever early or late obtain"consumer letter be equal to post product""China forename actor product"grade honor。decade for ages,the recognition of the too deep gotten craft brother occupation,both by praise for"most beautiful collaborate unit" and "decade beautiful provide quotient"grade epithet。vista foreground of nicety,messrs. these company .keep on for commonalty create health,easeful sleep environmental tenet,the bedding of the should for you dedication out more、still beauty.

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Address: Number 5 storey no.6 Be Xin industrial estate no.3047 DONG XIAO road ,Shenzhen, China
 Zip code:518019  Tel:0755-25513924  25801157
Fax:0755-25806808  Hot line:0755-25789398  Website: 
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